The Star, ID transportation guide to downtown Boise


Star, ID is about 25 minutes from downtown Boise, so we know many of you are hitting up Boise on the regular.

Let this guide be your downtown compass.

Boise is vastly spread out. You want to be able to enjoy everything the area has to offer but without going broke. Even though it’s not all packed together, there is so much to be explored on drastically opposite ends that getting around in a smart and efficient way is crucial.

There are a few different transit options for Boise. There is the promoted ValleyRide, which goes around the valley at certain stops. You simply hop on and ride for however long you want. There are various routes that span a wide range of areas to convenience you. There is even a free branch of that called the Fun Bus that runs on Saturdays every 30 minutes and goes around to popular spots like Settler’s Park, Wahooz/Roaring Springs, and even downtown. The only downside is that you are going to have to time things to catch the bus. However, you don’t have to pay for gas, and it’s a flat fee which makes planning easier. You can pay for one way or pay not more than a dollar more for a different type of pass. All are super affordable and kids 5 years and younger ride free.

Uber is a fairly new option that is just being established in Boise. Uber is an app that connects consumers with drivers kind of like a carpool. With Uber, you meet up with someone who is signed up under that app and you pay the app who transfers the money to the driver, which makes it a lot safer of a transaction. Uber can seem risky, trusting someone who you don’t know to be your driver, but the app actually runs extensive background checks before allowing that driver to be under its name. That way you know that you are getting what you pay for, but usually at a much lower price. Uber does have a base rate and then varies on where you go, but even still it’s pretty cheap, cheaper than a taxi or driving your own car. Plus, you’re supporting the locals directly.

Boise limos are a great upper-class look, and we recommend the fellas out at Boise Limo. They have a classy feel for an affordable price. They have a flat rate unlike a taxi which makes it much more cost efficient. They pick you up at the airport, hotel, which makes everything on your end that much easier. Plus, it’s a matter of you being able to do what you want. You aren’t waiting around for a certain time or for a ride. Everything is right there for you, waiting on you. You have the control. That can be a decision-changing idea when deciding how and where you want to do things in Boise. However, depending on your needs, it might be the most expensive alternative option.

Because of any of these options, you also can be assured that you won’t get lost. Going across town can be a hassle and it’s easy to get turned around. Using a more direct form means that you are going to end up right at your destination or near enough that there’s no way you are going to be far off. Of course, there’s the best part: a cost-efficient price.